Sell Supplements to Your Patients Without Carrying Inventory


Sell any supplement or health care product you want via your own custom online store. We'll stock the inventory, manage the website, take the payments, box and ship the orders. You make the profits, we do the work. Yes, really!


increase profits

You want to increase revenue per patient, but carrying inventory is expensive, difficult, and a large hassle. How many of those bottles will expire before they're sold, and how can you carry all the brands you like? Ripple Effect's custom e-commerce sites are designed to give you the control and none of the hassle.

Your website - your products

List any products you want on your store. It's easy since we've already added the product details for you. We manage everything from there. You can even accept payments at the point of sale to ensure the sale goes through.

How It Works


We set up your site with your logo, colors, and product choices. You even set the prices.


You see your patients and describe to them the benefits of the products you recommend for them.


You place the items in the online cart for them and take their credit card for payment.


We process the payment, send confirmation emails, ship the products directly to your patient, and send you a check!

Why Partner with Ripple Effect?


Health Care Practitioners are trained and licensed professionals, and are well-informed about the benefits of a tremendous variety of Health Products.
But to bring to patients the benefits of these products a Practitioner has two choices:  
send a patient shopping to find products on their own – or buy products and inventory them at their office.
Ask any retailer: carrying inventory is both challenging and costly. To transform a Practitioner's office into a full-line retail store is not only a departure; for most it would be completely impractical. 
Ripple Effect is an online Marketplace designed to solve these problems. Health Care Practitioners select the brands and products they want in their online store, and patients skip all the guesswork, conveniently finding exactly what their Practitioner recommends. No more writing down a list of products, and traveling store-to-store to find them. The Ripple Effect Marketplace brings scale and focus to the problem, enabling hundreds, and soon thousands of Practitioners to offer their patients virtually every Health Care product they like. 

Patients reorder with the same convenience. And Practitioners now enjoy a continuing (and growing) stream of revenues. 

In the US health care products contribute an average of 6.9% of gross profits. Whatever they do for you, now you can make plans to make it grow.

If you're a Health Care Practitioner, talk to us. We'll create your own online store, link it to your existing website, and if we don't already have what you want to offer we will buy it. And every time your patients buy from your store you get paid!


Get Started Today

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